Great service at an unbeatable price!


Add a substantial additional income stream to your business - and it's ALL profit!


Detailed information for prospective "Printweb" partners

Though the print - web partnership is a new idea, Citycoder has been building websites for clients for five and a half years.

During that time few clients have left the subscription scheme because we offer so much for so little cost.

• A first class professional website coded to the latest specs (that helps the site climb the search listings)

• Seven days a week support via email, text and phone

• Provision of email services and email tech support

• SEO - 'Search Engine Optimization'

• Unlimited updates, changes, additions to clients' sites for no extra charge

• Photography and video for no extra charge

There are companies charging between £150 and £600 per month which do not offer as many services to clients.

So it is a service your existing print customers would really appreciate and readily go for.


We are currently charging £28 pcm for our standard service with add-ons such as email and site statistics costing a couple of pounds more. For enterprises that are thinking about a website there is very little resistance in signing up. In fact some clients have two websites with us and are paying between £52 and £60 per month quite happily.

Our proposal to you is as follows:


You advise your customers that you have a web partner that can supply all these services for just £38 per month including VAT. There is no upfront payment required except for a domain name purchase costing between £8 and £12 (unless the client requires bought-in copyright pictures) which few will need.


That's £1,000 worth of website for no upfront money. In fact, if they take advantage of our regular update service and consider its value - they never actually get round to paying for the site. So it is FREE!


We will deal with the clients via our ASSETPRO.ORG website portal.


Where possible you should advise us and introduce your prospective customer but where it is not always possible the Assetpro site makes clear that a voucher or referral name is required in order for them to benefit from the £38 price and not the "standard" £59 price.

This will enable us to reference the enquiry to you.


As the service takes off, and when you are happy everything is running smoothly, we can create a new web portal that exclusively links to your company so that the website service appears firmly under your company branding and integrates seamlessly.

Offer customers prices on a par with VISTAPRINT!

Vistaprint offer a number of website building options from self build through to professionally designed and with on-going support. However, Vistaprint sites are built from a fairly narrow range of templates as are most "professional" websites these days. Unlike our approach, few designers - and none at our price - build a site from scratch. By doing so we can ensure sites have no "junk" coding and no plug-ins. Our sites are rock solid, reliable, fast loading AND written to attract the attention of search engines.



Including VAT


5 page site - between £31.50 and £42.00 according to voucher offers

10 page site - between £45.00 and £60.00

You would be able to offer 3 to 5 page sites for £38.00

We find, after a couple of years, by the time clients have asked us for alterations and additions, sites often run to 10, 15 or more pages. We don't increase our prices for long-term clients (another reason why they stay).

In the long term - and a company website is a long-term requirement - our prices are cheaper than VISTAPRINT.



Our commission to you

It is an income that grows and grows over the years - and all you need to do is introduce clients.

We remit back to you each month £10 from each £38 paid by the client.

Consider how your income grows:

A mere two new clients each month: 2 x 12 months = £240 per month income by the end of the first year.

By end of year three: 2 x 36 = £720 per month.

And the income keeps growing because clients will remain with the subscription plan because their website, and their search ranking are necessary for the lifetime of their business.

So, for example, after year five: 2 x 60 months = £1200 per month. That's £14,400 income - and you are doing NO work for this.

These figures assume a very conservative two new clients per month by passively accepting new business.

And, bear in mind, these are not pie-in-the-sky figures. We have been running the business for 5 years on this basis.

Of course, we have no idea whether you will gather fewer or more clients to the plan. If you chose actively to push the websites option it would, of course, be a much greater regular income for you.

All you have to do:

Your business already has the throughput of customers.

Many will already have a website but even some of those who do will not be happy with how it, or the site provider, is performing.

New start-ups are, of course, the most likely source of new website business.

Simply display the website service option you can now offer on notices, cards, leaflets - and, of course your current website.

Print a voucher identity of your choice (and tell us what it is) and inform your clients they get a huge discount by quoting the voucher ID.

Then you can leave the rest to us!

It's a simple plan - but then simple is always best.


Incidentally, according to the last published accounts, VISTAPRINT annual turnover is $1.3 BILLION.

The Assepro website - currently in demo form - will contain all the information currently on our CITYCODER site except, of course, there will be no linkage to Citycoder and the price structure will include partners' commission.

Once you have tried out the scheme and are happy with it we can design a customized portal specifically for you with your branding so that the linkage to your company is greater.

More questions? Phone Mark:

07521 941 560


We would like to ensure our print partners have exclusive territories. In order to do this we really do need to know if you are interested in participating in this new scheme ASAP.